Crimson Alliance image

George just completed scoring for Microsoft's soon to be released XBox title, Crimson Alliance".

Himalayan Meltdown poster

George's recent work on the Discovery Channel documentary Himalayan Meltdown is currently being heard throughout Asia.

Red Faction Guerrilla poster

George's work for Red Faction: Guerilla is an integral part of that THQ multi-platform release.

George Oldziey

Music for Film, Games, Video and more...

Austin-based composer George Oldziey has been writing, producing, and performing music for over 30 years. His diverse scores have graced numerous films, video games and documentaries. He is well known for his versatility, professionalism and enthusiasm.

The musical styles of George's original scores and orchestrations run the gamut from the grand orchestral scope of films such as Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico to the quirky variety of Spongebob Squarepants. Directors and producers from all genres of film, documentaries, TV and video games have praised him for the quality and breadth of his work, his teamwork and his ability to meet deadlines on time.

"George Oldziey has worked with me on the scores to my films since 2002 with Spy Kids 2. Whether it was orchestration, score producing, midi arranging or composition, he always produced amazing results that took my film music to the next level. Being well versed and experienced in all areas of musical composing, as well as always being up on the latest technologies has kept Oldziey at the forefront of Austin music and able to compete with the best in the world."
- Robert Rodriguez, Director